One way to avoid gadget neck strain on flights

I saw an article in Bloomberg Businessweek that had tips on avoiding neck strain from playing with electronic devices on flights . It reminded me of when I met Kevin from Ghetto IFE at the recent Boarding Area convention and asked him where the name of his blog came from.

He told me that he has created his own in flight entertainment systems by taking items on the airplane in order to suspend his iphone on the back of the seat in front of him thus creating a “Ghetto IFE”.

Bloomberg pointed out that the company Skyview aims to try and do the same in a much more clean manner by inventing the Travel Tray Mount.

The Travel Tray Mount attaches to the tray in front of you allowing you to hold your iPad or electronic device at eye-level without having to hunch over to view it. This not only gives you the ability to watch it at eye level, but also frees you from having to hold the device the whole time. They state that the device can hold pretty much any phone, tablet, or ipod. For $30, it seems cheap enough unless of course you want to take Kevin’s advice and build your own from airsick bags. 🙂


  1. Hmm. A competitor! Although a lot more classy… and you can fit a tablet with it.

    A good start.

    Although it’s pretty impossible to patient the use of a sickbag to hold a phone for entertainment in-flight I suspect 😉

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