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Trip report – Maui
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We’ve always tried to find some interesting restaurants to eat at and even though we were entitled to a free continental breakfast at the Sherton due to our Platinum status, we decided to venture out to a place called Gazebo. Even with a GPS to guide us, it was still difficult to find this place as it’s basically in the back of a condiminium complex in a non-descript Gazebo.

We arrived at about 7:30am and there already was a lengthy line.

Gazebo Restaurant Maui


Standing in line gave us plenty of time to peruse the menu. The breakfast fried rice sounded interesting.

Breakfast menu

I ordered the fried rice plate with assorted meats, veggies, and scrambled eggs. The waitress cautioned me that a full order is a ton of food and that I should order the half order of fried rice instead. I’m glad I heeded her advice.

A half order ended up being plenty

A half order ended up being plenty

My wife ordered the macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup.

Macadamia nut pancakes

One word of caution, the orange juice was $3.25 and tasted like Sunny Delight. Skip that if you go. A very unique and tasty breakfast experience with in a beautiful setting.

The aura at Gazebo restaurant

The aura at Gazebo restaurant




We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the pool and snorkeling around Black Rock.

The beach by Black Rock

The beach by Black Rock

That night we decided to do something a little different – go see a movie. I’ve been a huge Wes Anderson fan with one of my all time favorite movies being Rushmore. Other good movies of his were Bottle Rocket and the Royal Tenenbaums. He seemed to go off a little on the bizarre with The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and the Darjeeling Limited but made strong comeback with The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The amount of detail that went into that movie is spectacular. Therefore I had mixed thoughts on whether Moonrise Kingdom was going to be like the Life Aquatic or Rushmore. Luckily, it was more in line with some of my favorites of his and made for an enjoyable movie, plot line, with plenty of laughs as well.


  1. IMO Gazebo is not worth the wait. Yes the food is good but I can’t recommend wasting an hour of your precious vacation time to dine here. Next time check out the Sea Watch restaurant at Napili Kai on the other end of Napili Beach. Same delicious MacNut pancakes but never a wait. And then you can walk off your meal on beautiful Napili beach.

  2. We really like the Seahouse right down the beach from the Gazebo. No lines and fantastic food. Possibly even better views. Napili Bay is a wonderful place to stay.

    When you are looking at the ocean from the Gazebo and walk to your left (south) the next bay is a turtle sanctuary. Lots and lots of turtles out there.

  3. Borazon, that’s the restaurant I was talking about. It’s the Seahouse, anything there is very delicious. They have some local dishes besides that are awesome.

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