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Country Time Lemonade Offering Stimulus Checks To Lemonade Stand Owners Affected By Coronavirus

Summer brings out young entrepreneurs, excited to earn a little extra money by setting up a lemonade stand. Sadly, with social distancing and quarantines, many kids simply aren’t able to do this time honored tradition this summer. Country Time Lemonade has introduced The Littlest Bailout program to help lemonade stand owners affected by the coronavirus.…

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A Theme Park In Japan Banned Screaming On Rollercoasters Because Of Coronavirus

“Please scream inside your heart” Patrons at the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Japan have been asked to help stop the spread of Coronavirus by refraining from screaming on rollercoasters. Two executives at the park filmed a video showing how easy it is not to scream. Looking unfazed, the one executive simply brushes his…

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Five US Citizens Flew from Colorado To Italy On A Private Jet And Were “Treated Like Criminals” When Refused Entry

The passengers on a private jet flying from Eagle County, Colorado to Sardinia, Italy were prevented from entering because of the EU ban on Americans entering the European Union. The plane had ten passengers onboard: five US citizens, two Brits, two Germans, an Italian, and a New Zealander. They had flown from the United States…

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Nomadic Reindeer Herders in Mongolia Use An App To Share Their Location With Airbnb Guests

A company with a unique logistics proposal is helping nomadic reindeer herders in Mongolia offer an Airbnb experience. The company what3words developed a map of the entire world by breaking it down into squares of three metres by three metres. Each square has three unique words assigned to it – for example /// This means…

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